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Tyre Balancing

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Magnum balancing beads work with the rotation of the tyre and wheel assembly to dynamically balance your tyres as you drive. Magnum Plus consists of thousands of microbeads that are specially coated to reduce friction and maintain durability throughout their life. As the tyre rotates, Magnum Plus microbeads are dispersed evenly around the interior of the tyre through centrifugal force.

How to Install Magnum Plus

Installing Magnum Plus tire balancing compound into medium and light truck tyres is very straightforward – Magnum Plus comes in INSERT™ bags that can be placed directly inside the tyre during installation.

Just check on the application chart (below) for the correct size of Magnum Plus to use, open the outer bag and place the inner packet inside the tyre. The INSERT™ bag allows you to use an air-tool or cheater to mount the beads without problems

Avoid using excessive tire lubricant to mount the tyre - any liquid lubricant falling into the tyre may cause the microbeads to clump up.

Always use dry air when installing Magnum Plus. This ensures that the Magnum Plus retains its free-flowing characteristics for maximum balancing efficiency.

When a tyre is already mounted on a rim, you should jack up the wheel, break the tyre bead and drop the packet of Magnum Plus into the tyre. Then air up the tyre in the usual way.  It is not possible to inject the Magnum Plus microbeads through the valve stem, due to their size.