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SecondAir Tyre Beadlocking System



Why SecondAir?

When driving your 4 wheel drive offroad it is usual to lower tyre pressures for 2 reasons
1 - For comfort and a smooth ride.
2 - To lengthen or enlarge your tyres footprint which will give you greater traction.

By simply lowering your tyres highway pressure from 38 psi to 14 psi (262 to 96kpa) you increase your tyres footprint by 37%

This increase in traction enables you to drive to more inaccessible locations. With low pressure, more grip allows you to drive those red clay steep tracks, mould grip allows you to drive those red clay steep tracks, mould a tyre around a rock or give you greater flotation over mud or sand.

However tyre pressures below 18 psi (124 kpa) run the risk of the tyre either rotating on the wheel rim or worse it allows the tyre to completely deflate and come off the rim. This allows the problem of dirt and mud to enter the inner air chamber or come inton contact with the tube (if fitted) thereby damaging the tube or causing resealing tyre bead problems.

This situation is easily overcome by fitting SecondAir a new kind of pneumatic beadlock that fits inside the tyre. SecondAir hold both tyre beads onto the wheel rim and has a separate low profile tube to inflate the beadlock. An easily installed special valve is fitted to the normal air valve hole to inflate the tyre.

Now you have 2 separate air pressures, allowing you to control with confidence the pressure you wish to run in the tyre.
Customers report that even with zero pressure in the tyre due to a puncture, the tyre stayed in position and full control of the vehicle was maintained.

Secondair are an added safety feature to any vehicle.

In the event of a high speed blowout or puncture the SecondAir is unaffected and will continue to hold the tyre to the rim. It also gives the tyre some 'pneumatic effect' when the tyre sits on the beadlock, cushioning the tyre from the rim minimising tyre damage.

SecondAir weigh less then 1.5kg each and being distributed completely over & around the wheelrim inside the tyre present no problem with wheel balance. Being inside the tyre the SecondAir is unaffected by weather or damage by rocky terrain. This feature allows long life for the product.

The beadlock tube pressure can range from 34psi to 48psi (234 to 330 kpa) depending on the degree of terrain difficulty or whether used in competition. SecondAir can easily be fitted to most 1 piece steel rims and tubeless tyres.