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Rear Winch Crossmember

When the vehicle came to us it had a demountable winch on the rear of the vehicle The customer required a more permanent solution so we added a galvanised rear winch bumper with a class 3 receiver.

The original setup used a class 3 receiver on a NAS style step to secure the demountable winch.DSCF1041.JPG

There was also a little bit of damage that we would be able to tidy up with the new crossmember.DSCF1296 (1).JPG

We start by removing the wheels, anti roll bar, fuel tank and NAS style rear step.DSCF1296 (12).JPG

DSCF1296 (15).JPG

DSCF1296 (2).JPG

We then remove the old rear crossmember using a plasma cutter.DSCF1296 (25).JPG

DSCF1296 (26).JPG

DSCF1296 (27).JPG

DSCF1296 (30).JPG

DSCF1296 (31).JPG

We then mark both sides of the vehicle as they will need trimming to accept the heavy duty rear winch crossmember.DSCF1296 (34).JPG

Here you can see the class 3 receiver.DSCF1404.JPG


Test fitted and looking good.DSCF1408.JPG


As you can see this particular crossmember has protection that comes forward, this will help to protect the vunerable corners.


The crossmember is temporarily bolted so that it can be held in exactly the right place prior to tacking and welding up.


Extra support bracing for the class 3 receiver.DSCF1680.JPG




To fit the rear winch we needed to trim a little portion out of the rear tub.DSCF1690.JPG

Everything is carefully marked up before trimming. DSCF1691.JPG


As you can see the Warn Tabor 10 winch a tight fit.DSCF1698.JPG

We added one of our D44 Clutch/Freespool levers to give enough space for its operation.DSCF1701.JPG

We had the bracing powdercoated to offer some more protection. DSCF1729.JPG

We added an Allbright HD contactor for the rear winch. DSCF1756.JPG



We also needed to put the cables down through the body for the winch.DSCF1761.JPG

A shots of the completed crossmember.IMG_6703.JPG