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When the vehicle arrived it already had a good lighting array, however you can never have too much light! So we upgraded the headlights, roof lighting and moved some of the other lights around. 

The lights behind the front grill needed to be moved slightly to incorporate the aircon unit we have just seen fitted.DSCF1192.JPG

We removed the original light mounts.DSCF1193.JPG

and made some new brackets to mount the lights higher up.DSCF1693.JPG

Which allow the lights to sit closer to the grill, leaving space for the aircon unit.DSCF1703.JPG



Looking smart behind the grill!DSCF1712.JPG


Next we looked at the headlights. Standard Defender headlights are poor to say the least so we choose to upgrade them to some IPF lights and bulbs.DSCF1275.JPG


As you can see they provide a bright white light.DSCF1277.JPG

Next we moved on to the roof lights.DSCF1313.JPG

The customer opted for an Aurora 40" Lightbar which we mounted neatly underneath the roofrack.DSCF1320.JPG

The customer decided that he would take two of his old roof lights and utilise them on the front bumper to provide even more light up-front.DSCF1671.JPG




IMG_0 (8).JPG