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At Devon 4x4 we pride ourselves in the ability to be able to carry out the most diverse range of jobs to the very highest standards. In addition to our modern workshops we have the latest in up to date vehicle diagnostics and repair equipment.
Our workshops carry out every conceivable type of job from routine servicing, vehicle conversions right the way through to entire vehicle builds, and our customer base spans the full spectrum of 4x4 vehicle users from the local farmer to major utilities, the military and well known blue chip companies.
If you want your vehicle maintained to the highest standard by one of the most respected companies in the country at an affordable price then contact Devon 4x4.
Defender Range Rover P38
Engine Engine
200/300 TDI £258.00 2.5 TD £300.00
TD5 £300.00 4.0/4.6 V8 £320.00
TDCI < 07 A TYPE £205.00
B TYPE £300.00
Discovery Range Rover L322
200/300 TDI £258.00 3.0 TD A TYPE £220.00
TD5 £300.00 3.0 TD B TYPE £330.00
V8 4.0 £320.00 V8 PETROL £300.00
D3 2.7 TD A TYPE £190.00 V8 DIESEL A TYPE £220.00
B TYPE £320.00 B TYPE £330.00
D4 3.0 TD A TYPE £195.00
B TYPE £330.00
Freelander 1 Range Rover Sport
1.8 PETROL £250.00 2.7 TD A TYPE £190.00
2.0L DIESEL £275.00 B TYPE £320.00
TD4 £300.00 3.0 TD A TYPE £195.00
B TYPE £325.00
V8 TD A TYPE £195.00
B TYPE £325.00
Freelander 2 Range Rover Evoque
2.2 D A TYPE £186.00 2.2 L DI A TYPE £240.00
B TYPE £310.00 B TYPE £340.00