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De-Cider Trophy

Devon 4x4 Odyssey De-Cider Trophy

2nd, 3rd and 4th, September 2016

Organised & promoted by Challenge South West

Sponsored by Devon 4x4 & Odyssey Batteries


Welcome to the Devon 4x4 Odyssey De-Cider Trophy

The Devon 4x4 Odyssey De-Cider Trophy, run by Challenge South West, is one of the premier off-road events in the UK today.

Held yearly during September in the South West of England, the De-Cider offers a mix of timed stages, navigation, tasks and punch challenges designed to test the best challenge competitors in Europe. This dedicated De-Cider section will give you an insight into this fantastic event, the competitors and the organising team.

Event Details

Event location

The 2016 event returns to the very popular site at Bush Farm near Saltash, Plymouth PL12 6QY. With two separate sites available and one of the best landowners an organiser could wish for it feels like the event is coming home for this year’s event. Plymouth area.

Event date

The 2016 event will take place starting on the 2nd of Sept with signing on/scrutineering from mid-day and finishing at approximately 15.00 hrs. on Sun the 4th Sept.

Event entry

To enter the 2016 Devon 4x4 Odyssey De-Cider, please click HERE You will need to supply a compulsory photo of your vehicle and information on your teams event history as part of your entry. Entries will only be confirmed on full receipt of payment and a photo of your vehicle! Additional compulsory information/documentation will also need to be supplied before the event.

Rules and regulations

The updated rules and regulations has now been finalised and is available to view. Please make sure you fully read and understand all the rules and regulations before entering. To download the 2016 rules and regulations, click HERE


There will again be some great prizes on offer to the winning teams this year from our very generous sponsors. Details to follow.

About the event

For a number of years, Challenge South West has run two day challenge events. In 2008, in conjunction with Devon 4x4, we raised the bar with the intention of making our annual two day event one of the main must-do events in the world of UK off road challenges.

Thus the De-Cider Trophy was born. With the club having the experience of several hardened challenge veterans to draw upon, the enthusiasm of club members and the welcome help and support of Devon 4x4, the event quickly established itself as arguably one of the best events of the year. In 2013, we are delighted to welcome the continuing sponsorship of Odyssey Batteries in conjunction with Devon 4x4. The aim of the De-Cider was to try and combine some of what we felt were the best elements of previous events, and encourage a strong social emphasis. Most importantly, the event has to be fun, putting team spirit back at the forefront of our sport.

The event draws interest from the whole of the UK and also parts of Europe, in no small amount due to the word-of-mouth recommendation of previous competitors. If you are lucky enough to gain a place on this event or to help marshal, we hope you will take the opportunity to make some new friends and thoroughly enjoy yourselves!

Winning at the De-Cider can be tough on both crew and vehicle, but the respect of your fellow competitor to be voted for the Team Spirit Trophy can ultimately be more rewarding.

Chris Pedlar


To Be Confirmed


Watch this space

Organising Team

The organising team of the De-Cider trophy are a dedicated and extremely hard-working bunch putting in many hours of their own time to organise an event to an extremely high standard that we set ourselves. Between them they have many, many years of competing and organising events at many levels. As the event grows so does the team to reflect this and new team members will be added below so you know who they all are.

Here are a few of the key people you'll see at the event (just so you know who to moan at!)

Simon Buck Devon 4x4 - Official Event Sponsor

Simon_Buck We are are very pleased to team up again this year with Devon 4x4 as the events main sponsor. The commitment of Simon and the team at Devon 4x4 is unrivalled in any event like this and helps make The De-Cider Trophy what it is.

Chris Pedlar -  Event Co-ordinator & Clerk of the Course

Chris_Pedlar Chris has been competing in trials and Challenge events for some 20 yrs. with team mate Angus Norrish. Together they have competed in many events like the Warn Challenge, Bulldog Trophy, Milemarker Challenge, Webster Trophy and Muddy Truckers, with many wins to their name. Chris was also involved at the beginning of Challenge South West and is currently a Director and the Club Chairman.
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Frank Buddle - Assistant Co-ordinator & Steward of the Event


Frank_Buddle Frank has been competing with the club for several years, been an Area Rep, Membership Secretary and is currently both a Director and Publicity Officer for the club. Frank assists with much of the behind the scenes work involved in setting up and running the De-Cider.


Rick Tarr - Event Secretary

Rick_Tarr Rick has been involved for many years in the AWDC and has been involved in Challenge South West from the beginning as a Director and Club Secretary. Rick is the one who spends many hours behind the scenes sorting out club finances, the club website and all the general stuff that makes the club and the De-Cider tick over as well as it does.


Adam Cresswell - Chief Scrutineer

Adam_Cresswell Having been part of the marshals team for several De-cider events, Adam is the area representative for North Devon and is chief scrutineer for the event. With experience as a mechanical engineer and professional Arborist, Adam brings with him some very useful skills when it comes to scrutineering vehicles and setting out sections for an event like the De-Cider.


Chris Bolt - Chief Time Keeper

Chris_Bolt Chris has competed in Challenge events for several years now with his son Nick in their Toyota Landcruiser. They won both the AWDC Scorpion Racing Challenge 2007 & the Howling Wolf 2008 in standard class. Chris is also an East Devon Area Rep for the club and is normally deeply involved in, among other things the setup of the night sections enjoyed by many on this event.


Ally Harding - Event Administration and Section Marshal

Ally-Harding Ally has been with the club and helping out at the De-Cider for several years. Her experience as an award winning vehicle accident repair assessor comes in very handy if you manage to have a mishap with your car. As attendants of the 2012 event may have also noticed during the hogroast she also has a second passion for all things that go moo! Ally is an experienced event marshal so if you fail to wear your seat belt you will know about it!

Event Photos

De-Cider 2014

De-Cider 2013

De-Cider 2012

De-Cider 2011

De-Cider 2010

De-Cider 2009

De-Cider 2008

The 2014 Devon 4x4 Odyssey De-Cider Trophy winners

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Contact Us

For more information on the Devon 4x4 Odyssey De-Cider Trophy event either pop to the Devon 4x4 forum or contact us directly on - This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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