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Light Bar

The customer wanted more light up-front so we added a Lazer LED ST8 Light bar. This outputs an impressive 69444 lumens. 

Initially, we opted for a Bushranger Nighthawk X-Bar to mount the light bar. 

The X-bar is a very good item and a simple solution to the sometimes difficult problem of mounting a set of lights low down on a 4x4. The bar fixes to the numberplate bracket without concealing the plate. As the image demonstrates, the X-bar is a neat and elegant solution to mounting additional lights.

Unfortunately, due to the lack of strength in the plastic bumper, the X-bar didn't work satisfactorily in this particular application so we found another solution. Firstly, we removed the Lazer Light bar before fitting a cosmetic under rider, supplied by the customer. This provided a more stable platform for the light bar.

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