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Dynapull ropes are high strength ropes with good all round properties High strength, twice the strength of steel wire Low weight, more than 5 times lighter Extremely durable Buoyant Can be loaded to 60% of break load without fatigue High chemical resistance Easily spliced UV resistant Easy to handle compared to wire Less affected by bending fatigue Our 100% Dyneema SK75 ropes are produced for high load applications and treated to resist abrasion. We offer pre-stretched and coated as standard and extreme pre-stretched on most sizes. Pre-stretching conditions the rope to stretch less under load and compresses the rope fibres reducing rope diameters and making them stiffer for initial use. All ropes are available on reels or cut to length. Assemblies with safety hooks, winch attachment end fittings and anti wear sleeves from stock or made to order. Ropes are tested to BS:EN:ISO 2307 2005 on equipment calibrated to BS:EN 7500 Devon

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Dynapull 10mm x 100ft (30m) Winch Rope - Graphite

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