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The story of BFGoodrich Tyres began with Dr. Benjamin Franklin Goodrich, a self-taught entrepreneur and visionary who in 1870 founded a company that would become one of the greatest and most recognisable names in the tyre industry. The BFGoodrich legacy is the fruit of all the challenges and achievements that have enabled us to make daily life easier for motorists around the world and make driving an increasingly safe and enjoyable activity. To achieve this, thousands of employees tap into their imagination and ingenuity to develop new, higher-performance products, leading a whole segment of the car industry. At BFGoodrich, they make tyres for people who want to unlock the full potential of their vehicles, and above all enjoy themselves. If you've been bitten by the driving bug, you're one of us! These tyres are developed by true enthusiasts who spend their weekends doing battle on rocky roads or pounding the asphalt on race tracks all over the world. Their expertise has been rewarded with titles in every competition the brand has entered, from the tarmac of Sebring to the steep, dusty roads of the Baja. They are the linchpins in the process, ensuring that technology is transferred from racing cars to mass-produced vehicles, and enabling BFGoodrich to bring its customers tyres that take the very best from technologies used mainly in the world of competition, and which are guarantees of performance, quality and durability.

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BF Goodrich KM2 - Mud Terrain 255/85/16

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BF Goodrich
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