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Brantz Universal Wheel Cable


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Brantz Universal Wheel Cable (M12 Dia)


  June 2004 saw the last of the Brantz BR2 14mm type wheel sensors (14mm diameter).The introduction of the BR2A type wheel sensor sees a shift in the performance available. The new
BR2A is a 12mm device with slightly different performance characteristics and is designed for the 2005 range of Brantz tripmeters which are recognisable by the integral side mounting plates (International 1, 2, and 2S types) or serial numbering 04- 07-etc. The new sensor may well work with older tripmeters but this cannot be relied upon. Old tripmeters can be upgraded at the Brantz factory for a small charge, or free of charge if the meters have come in for a service. Before fitting any type of
sensor to a vehicle, connect it up to the Brantz meter and check its correct operation by repeated touching of wheel types to a metal object. Use a low calibration figure on the meter, and watch the readouts increment. If the readouts do not increment there is a problem which should be investigated. Make absolutely sure that sensors are correctly connected before turning on the meter as they will be destroyed by reverse current. Don’t use crimp type connectors. A bracket to
mount the wheel sensor to the suspension strut should be made rigid enough to prevent flexing. Bolt heads (a minimum of four for accuracy, and NOT of the socket head type as these cause
problems) should pass squarely across the centre of the face of the sensor all at the same distance of 1mm.
Make provision to prevent the sensor from overheating. Correct fitting can be checked when the meter has been wired to the sensor. Select calibration 001 and switch on the meter. Zero the meter readouts. Rotate the wheel having the sensor fitted. Each bolt head passing the sensor should cause the meter to increment. Monitor with a voltmeter: Low is about 2 volts when away from the target, High is about 4 volts when near the target. Wheel sensors are a wear-and-tear item; keeping them cool dramatically extends their life.



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