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Brantz Sensor Pulse Doubler


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Brantz Sensor Pulse Doubler (For Increased Cabil Accuracy)

Brantz tripmeters and retrotrips which are fitted to vehicles with a low number of pulses feeding to the tripmeter produce a low calibration figure. If this figure is normally in the range under 499 then the calibrated accuracy of the tripmeter can be improved by doubling the number of pulses produced by the sensor. This BR52 device will fit onto the grey cable coming from the tripmeter using the connector blades on the right, and an extension grey cable can be connected to the connection block on the left of the BR52 board (pictured above).

This extension cable will connect as normal to the Brantz wheel type sensor or any of the Brantz speedometer cable or gearbox sensors (see separate sensor connection instructions). This will result in the doubling of the tripmeter calibration figure, which makes a finer step between one calibration figure and the next. The advice
for installation is identical to the instructions for the wheel sensor; or any other sensor, on any Brantz or Retrotrip or Survmaster instrument.
All sensor instructions recommend test of sensor by connecting to the tripmeter BEFORE INSTALLING ONTO CAR.

Do not proceed to installation if the test is not successful.

1/ Customer can test his tripmeter as noted on guarantee sheet by selecting calibration figure 009. With no sensor connected to the tripmeter; tap the green/yellow and the blue wires in the grey cable together electrically, many times. The tripmeter will increment. Then connect the sensor to the grey cable (in your hand, not fitted to car) as in the wheel sensor instructions: Brown in the tripmeter grey cable is not used. Blue in the grey tripmeter cable goes to brown of the wheel sensor. Green/yellow in the tripmeter grey cable goes to blue of the wheel sensor. Touch the end of the sensor with a steel object many times and the tripmeter will increment.

2/ The BR52 has 3 connectors in, marked SENSOR and three connectors out marked TO TRIPMETER. The Brown repeats the brown, the blue repeats the blue, the green repeats the green. When section 1/ above has been completed successfully, connect the three flat spade terminals of the BR52 to the tripmeter grey cable, Brown to Brown. Blue to Blue, Green/yellow to Green. Connect the wheel sensor to the terminals marked SENSOR as normal wheel sensor instructions: Brown of the sensor to the Blue terminal, Blue of the sensor to Green terminal. Turn on the tripmeter (on calibration 009) and touch the end of the wheel sensor many times with a
steel object. The tripmeter will increment, in this case at double the increment rate.

3/ If that test 2/ is successful, install onto the car with the same connections detailed in 2/ and on completion rotate the wheel to see the tripmeter increment.

4/ Proceed to calibrate tripmeter as normal.

5/ Connecting to Laser3 tripmeter. The Laser3 does not have a grey sensor cable; it has instead, a three terminal connection block marked SENSOR. the three terminals have direct equivalents to the grey sensor cable of other tripmeters. The ++ terminal is equivalent to the Brown of the grey sensor cable, the PP is equivalent to the Blue of the grey sensor cable, the -- is equivalent to the Green/yellow of the grey sensor cable. Connect the BR52 spade terminals brown to ++, the blue to PP, the green to --. Connect a sensor to the BR52 SENSOR terminals as you would connect a sensor to the Brantz Grey sensor cable.

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