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Brantz Hard-wired Remote Zero


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Brantz Hard-Wired Remote Zero

A hard-wired remote (push-to-make switch) can be fitted to zero just the lower distance reading. The terminal in the rear of the Laser marked ‘Rem / Rev is connected to this external switch. The other side of the switch is connected to the negative (earth) of the vehicle. Ensure the menu is configured for this Rem/Rev terminal to be
in the ‘trip’ mode. If it is not in the correct mode, pressing the hard-wired remote switch will light the ‘-dist’ light on the Laser when pressed. To alter this in the menu press the green ‘Select Edit Item’ button repeatedly until the rr-SETUP appears on the top readout display. This part of the setup menu stays available for about 5 seconds, then it reverts back to showing ‘time of day digits’

During the period that rr-setup is showing, we can modify the Rem/Rev connnection’s function to either –dist (which is the reverse count command), or ‘reset-tp’ which is
taking commands from the hard-wired remote to zero the intermediate (lower) readout. During the above 5 second period, hold down the ‘Select Orange Keys’
button, and at the same time press the ‘Modify Item’ button several times, leaving the top readout showing the ‘reset-tp’ indication, which means that we are using the
hard-wired remote button. Now let go of the ‘’Select Orange Keys’ button. If you want to put this (and other) chosen options into permanent memory, then turn off the
Laser3 using the keyboard command ‘Select Orange Keys’ plus the ON/OFF button.



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