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Brantz Sensors Ford / European M18 Gearbox Sensor


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Brantz Sensors Ford / European M18 Gearbox Sensor

Special sensors for generic detection of rotating shafts to provide bigger distance sensing for the Brantz range of odometers.
The Type BRH2 sensor types are a fall-back fitment to be utilised when the more easily implemented standard types are unuseable and they require some level of interpretation for each individual situation. Select these sensor options only if you are able to provide some amount of engineering expertise and originality. The detector section of the BRH22 is wired using only two of the three wires. Green/Yellow is to the sensor’s White wire, Blue is to the sensor’s Brown wire. BEFORE fitting to the vehicle is attempted, demonstrate the functionality of the sensor IN THE HAND by wiring to the Brantz odometer (on a low calibration figure) and pass the active side of the magnet across the sensing point of the sensor several times. See the odometer increment.

Do not proceed to the fitting stage without this test. The sensor has a detection spot at the non-wired end. The actual package appearance of the sensor may differ
from the picture below. The supplied magnet has a 5mm hole on one side which must pass the sensor end at about 5mm to 15mm distance. The magnet must be attached to the rotating shaft so that the white 5mm hole is pointing radially out from the shaft. Two worm-thread bands (Jubilee Clips) should be wrapped around the shaft and magnet(s), and a holding compound such as sanitary silicone sealant could be used to prevent looseness. Attach clips and magnets evenly around the shaft so that the shaft remains in dynamic balance. Once the clamps are in place, snap off any protruding banding from the jubilee clips. Ensure sensor bracket is rigid. Additional braces may be necessary to achieve this. Use of just one magnet sensing shafts rotating faster than the road wheels may be necessary if the meter shows that it needs a calibration figure which exceeds the number available on the meter’s calibration switches, and two or more magnets should be used on shafts rotating at road-wheel speed to give accuracy. The sensor should be provided with a mounting bracket which senses horizontally so that gaps are not varying unduly if the shaft moves up and down. Pick a place where the shaft has minimum movement (typically near the gearbox). Check the output on the blue wire with a voltmeter when
everything is connected up to show that a voltage change occurs (0volts to 5volts and back etc) as the magnet passes the sensor.

The Type BRH2 Hall-Effect DriveShaft Sensor fits as shown in the photograph above. Use a non magnetic bracket (Brass or Aluminium, but NOT STEEL as this will prevent the sensor from ‘seeing’ the magnetic field; Similarly don’t use steel washers around the sensor). The bracket should be made up to give a gap of about 5mm to 15mm between the end of the gold-coloured sensor and the magnet face(s). Wiring of this type of sensor is to the Brantz GREY SENSOR CABLE using only two of the three wires. Green/Yellow is to the sensor’s White wire, Blue is to the sensor’s Brown wire. When the sensor is correctly connected to the Brantz and the Brantz is turned on, a voltmeter connected between the two wires will change from 5 volts to about zero volts alternately as the shaft is rotated and the sensor detects the magnets.

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