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TOPIC: Nanocom TD5 Diagnostics

Nanocom TD5 Diagnostics 7 years 10 months ago #32155

  • Henk
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Raw machine translated from ES to EN:

It swims then, the first thing is to choose a good male copy of frog, hihii.

The subject it I have obtained thanks to the info that has supplied Ricardo to me of JCF and as well the Italian ones of nanocom, that seem very elegant.

As very well me it has warned Ricardo, the first thing that it is necessary to take into account is that the subject is serious. We can leave so frita an Ecu as not to extract and to have to open it to return to record the flash from outside with a recorder and returning to weld. It is not very complicated, but a desoldadora SMA station and a modern memory recorder miss.

We can also load itself the motor in the case of putting a map of bad, not tested or incorrect fuel. The one that it is difficult it is that we put a map of good fuel, grafted evil and that works the Ecu and the motor is loaded, since the cheksum would not square.

The problem that has the nanocom with the maps of Ecu is that between variant of vehicle, the first 99k and map of fuel do not distinguish the following 17k. If it it makes rovacom and the curves of fuel are passed in this format.

To be able to put a curve of fuel in format rovacon in a map of nanocom, the first thing is to clean the map file of the rovacom of the bites that the rovacom includes at the beginning of the latter for its own management. These bites the rovacom them eliminates when they are moved on to the ECU. This part is between the segment 0x0 0x80 of the file of fuel. Therefore, we select this segment and us the cepillamos thing without fear. In this part I imagine that of the rovacom and the whole info of the file will be the checksum.

We read now the map of ours Ecu with the nancom. We have already a file of 117 k It we publish with the winhex and place the column of the right in ascii. We see that it begins with TD5, this part has put the nanocom to it for her account, as well as leaves than follows, but us she does not import, since we are going to leave the file in nanocom format.

The map of fuel of the ECU begins in the position 00019010 of the complete file of nancom and finishes in the 0001CFE7. The size of this segment has to coincide with the size of the file to which before it we have eliminated the piece of the Rovacom, that are 16.344 bites.

In the winhex we select the segment that goes from 00019010 up to 0001CFE7 and us the cepillamos thing again. We copy now to the clipboard the complete file of the curve of fuel to which him we had cleared the part of rovacom, and it we insert in the file of map of ECU using the edit menu clipboard it dates and grazes, in the position 00019010. In this way the file has to have the same size as before, since we have inserted a block of the same size that we have erased.

This is the one that it had already made before, but the nanocom did not swallow in this way, and it it did not eat by fault in its own cheksum. You it I commented already on Pepe, to be able to find out the cheksum of a file it is necessary to know that size has and where it is, to eliminate it and return to calculate it. And it is it has been the information fundamental that us they have passed. The cheksum of the nancom, that the not ones of the ECU that them has but them we do not touch, is in the two last bytes, and it means a simple cheksum of 16bits.

PAra to return to calculate the new cheksum, eliminate the current one, for that select both bytes last of the file of map of ECU, that as we see is preceded of characters in FF white and them we erase.

In the menu of tools of the hex win we go away to "compute hash" and it we calculate a cheksum of 16 bits. The result have to be a two bites, word. It we select and with the right button of the mouse it we copy.

We go now away to the last position of the file, the 0001D00B, and in the edit menu of winhex, we go away clipboard data and let us graze. In this way we stick the new calculated cheksum. It we stick as ascii hex and already are, I list. In the positions 0001D00C and 0001D00D in HEX what has to appear gave the calculation to us of the cheksum of 16bits.

The file has to finish in the 0001D00D and has to have a length of 118798 bytes. If it is not so, it is not valuable. In position 00019010 it has to appear in Hex 3F and Ascii "", if it is not so, bad bad, it is not valuable.

It is recorded, it is moved to the nanocom and from the nanocom to the ECU.

Eye, I have still not passed the map to the ECU because I do not have the car here, but am very probable that she works. If that it I have tested in the nancom and it works.

With this we have obtained a map of ECU keeping the variant intact and amending only the map of Fuel. That me correct the ones that they understand of Rovacom, but I believe that is this what is made, not. The variant of the manufacturer to the Ecu is put and soon the new map of fuel.

For a disk td5, which misses of fuel good it, I can pass have a map to defend do not only have am a map, it after 2002 that to whom it wanted, since me it they have given.

Much taken care, and the one that has the nanocom that she hopes that I it test, see that I happen. Until soon.
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Nanocom TD5 Diagnostics 7 years 10 months ago #32165

  • gus
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only one explanation, "cepillamos" = "erase it"

And be careful, some fuel maps dont work with original variant map, is necesary to use a special variant, and the ECU can shutdown for ever if we upload invalid maps to ecu
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